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Jeremy Everharts life changes forever when he discovers abilities on his seventeenth birthday, while Charlotte Walker risks it all to set free some loved ones.

Timeline Edit


Characters Edit

Main Edit

Charlotte Walker

Jeremy Everhart

Ace Martinez

Samuel Walker

Lucas Hawthorne

Eleanor King

Alexandra Pruett

Recurring Edit

Katherine Sinclair

Theodore Everhart

Rowan Young

Maisie James

Melissa Everhart

Scarlett Hawthorne

Nathaniel Glass

Violet Goode

Victor Walker

Joseph Everhart

Lina Paulson

Piper Anderson

Tessa Ronchester

Grant Butler

Lucinda Brentwood

Saraphina Silver

Guest Edit

Elena Martinez

Harvey Hawthorne

Pamela Hawthorne

Margot King

Kimberly Palmer

Danika Brown

Oscar Garro

Mary Walker

Abigail Walker

Darcy Everhart

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Pilot Edit

Jeremy Everharts life changes forever when he discovers abilities on his seventeenth birthday while Charlotte Walker risks it all to set free some loved ones.

Nightmare Edit

Nightmares haunt the teens; Sam goes back to school; Theo makes some realizations about himself; Jem tries to get help; Charlie learns more about an organization. 

Haunted Edit

Kat has a mission to complete; Jem tries out for the football team; Luke causes trouble for Charlie, who has to tap into traumatizing memories from her past to defeat the latest villain; After the football game, there’s a party in the woods. 

Dinner Party Edit

Charlie tries to integrate her friends with Jem; Jem and Ace get suspicious of Charlie, while Charlie has to catch a shapeshifter. 

Suspect Edit

Jem runs into trouble with the law while Charlie runs into a new Super; nightmares are back for Jem; Charlie tries to get help; Mel and Scars new friendship goes south.

Anarchy Edit

The teens go on a class trip, which consists of bank robbers, a club, and a kidnapping.

Mr.Crimson Edit

Jem has to survive Mr. Crimson while Charlie deals with Elle being angry with her; An Ice Queen runs rampant around town; Alex goes back to school and bonds with Sam. 

Masquerade Edit

The yearly masquerade is a perfect time for hidden faces, unfortunately, it’s also a time for evil; Someone from Charlie’s comes back much to her surprise. 

Homecoming Edit

The teens attend homecoming, with unseen circumstances; Only Jem seems to notice something strange is going on around town. 

Halloween Edit

The final battle takes place during a Halloween party.

Locations Edit

Eupolis, Oregon Edit

Everhart House

Walker Manor

Crimson Lair

Brightfields Facility

Hawthorne Manor

Ember Lair

King House

Other Edit

Club Zero


Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

Charlotte Walker and Jeremy Everhart

Charlotte Walker and Lucas Hawthorne

Charlotte Walker and Theodore Everhart

Charlotte Walker and Nathaniel Glass

Jeremy Everhart and Piper Anderson

Eleanor King and Samuel Walker

Eleanor King and Rowan Young

Katherine Sinclair and Ace Martinez

Katherine Sinclair and Samuel Walker

Katherine Sinclair and Rowan Young

Melissa Everhart and Grant Butler

Scarlett Hawthorne and Grant Butler

Saraphina Silver and Roselyn Jones

Family Edit

Charlotte Walker and Samuel Walker

Charlotte Walker and Victor Walker

Charlotte Walker and Mary Walker

Charlotte Walker and Lucinda Brentwood

Charlotte Walker and Abigail Walker

Charlotte Walker and Maximus Walker

Samuel Walker and Victor Walker

Samuel Walker and Mary Walker

Samuel Walker and Lucinda Brentwood

Jeremy Everhart and Melissa Everhart

Jeremy Everhart and Joseph Everhart

Jeremy Everhart and Darcy Everhart

Jeremy Everhart and Violet Goode

Ace Martinez and Elena Martinez

Eleanor King and Margot King

Lucas Hawthorne and Harvey Hawthorne

Lucas Hawthorne and Scarlett Hawthorne

Friends Edit

Charlotte Walker and Eleanor King

Charlotte Walker and Katherine Sinclair

Charlotte Walker and Alexandra Pruett

Charlotte Walker and Rowan Young

Charlotte Walker and Ace Martinez

Charlotte Walker and Maisie James

Charlotte Walker and Melissa Everhart

Charlotte Walker and Scarlett Hawthorne

Jeremy Everhart and Ace Martinez

Jeremy Everhart and Eleanor King

Jeremy Everhart and Samuel Walker

Jeremy Everhart and Lucas Hawthorne

Jeremy Everhart and Katherine Sinclair

Ace Martinez and Piper Anderson

Ace Martinez and Eleanor King

Ace Martinez and Lucas Hawthorne

Samuel Walker and Lucas Hawthorne

Katherine Sinclair and Alexandra Pruett

Melissa Everhart and Scarlett Hawthorne

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